Category E, by Belinda Cornish

Posted on March 6, 2015 in Events, News

Category E online adTwo individuals in a white cell with two beds, two chairs. One is a half-blind paraplegic. The other might be a clinical psychopath. A third individual arrives. Within 36 hours, it will come to pass that there will be only two again. In the meantime, they will play monopoly, try to figure out who’s next door, and do their best not to kill each other.

Creative team:

Playwright: Belinda Cornish
Director: Nancy McAlear
Performers: Miranda Allen, Jenna Dykes-Busby, and Louise Lambert
Production and Media Design: ShowStages Collective (Joel Adria, T. Erin Gruber, and Elijah Lindenberger)
Sound Design: Nancy McAlear
Lobby Installation: Claire Uhlick
Stage Management: Erin Valentine
Producers: Kristi Hansen and Vanessa Sabourin (The Maggie Tree)

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