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Shatter explores the little-known details of the aftermath of the Halifax Explosion of 1917, the world’s largest man-made explosion prior to Hiroshima.  Halifax is growing rapidly from the proceeds of World War I while Anna MacLean, a teenager, ripe with the promise of youth, is flush with excitement at all of the handsome soldiers in the streets.  Though Anna’s mother and her German Canadian best friend, Elsie Schultz, talk of the war, Anna can only think about whether the young man enforcing the blackout order thought she was pretty.  The next morning, their world collapses.  Two thousand dead, hundreds injured and blinded, and many more homeless.  As a community tries to find someone to blame, four people search through the rubble for something to hold on to. Lyrical and shockingly relevant to a contemporary world, Shatter is an examination of the dynamics of fear that prevail in the aftermath of a catastrophic event.

March 11-19, 2011
Catalyst Theatre
in association with Theatre of the New Heart (part of the 2010/2011 Indie 5 Season)

Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Sponsored by Theatre of the New Heart & The Old Cycle Building

Written by Trina Davies
Directed by Vanessa Sabourin & Kristi Hansen


Anna MacLean – Shannon Blanchet
Jennie MacLean – Linda Grass
Elsie Schultz – Sandra M. Nicholls
Brian Davidson – Cole Humney


Choreographer – Lin Snelling
Set & Costume Design – Marissa Kochanski
Stage Manager & Lighting Design – Tessa Stamp
Sound Design – Dave Clarke
Sound Operator & Technical Director – Kevin  Green
Builders – Marissa Kochanski, Patrick Fraser,  Tessa Stamp, Ryan Telfer
Poster Design – David Van Belle
Photo Credit – Marissa Kochanski


2011 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
Outstanding Actress in a Leading Role – Shannon Blanchet
Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role – Sandra M. Nicholls
Outstanding Independent Production