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Hunger Striking

When one of her students dies of anorexia, Sarah is propelled into her own memories, taking her from her present day reality as a high school English teacher into multiple pasts: her own past as an anorexic girl twenty years earlier, her Celtic heritage with its vivid creatures and mythology passed on to her by her father, and the world of the hunger-striking suffragettes at the beginning of the last century. Though the battleground may be different, Sarah’s struggle to reconcile with herself is unnervingly easy to identify with.

January 18-February 3, 2008
Azimuth Theatre

Sponsored by Azimuth Theatre & Eating Disorder Education Organization

Written by Kit Brennan
Directed by Vanessa Sabourin


Sarah – Kristi Hansen
Sarah 2 – Amber Borotsik


Production Design – Vanessa Sabourin & Bobby Smale
Sound Design – Lori Gawryluik
Builder – Mike Sabourin
Light & Sound Operator – Vanessa Sabourin