Productions » Age of Arousal

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography, 2013

London, 1885 – a time of great passion, great confusion – virtue is barely holding down its petticoats. People are bursting their corsets with unbridled desire.

Mary, a charismatic ex-suffragette in her 60s, runs a school for secretaries, aided by her zealous teacher-lover, 30-something Rhoda. When Rhoda literally bumps into childhood friend Virginia on the street one day, she finds that Virginia, her sister Alice and their much younger sister Monica are living in poverty. They are all invited into the school for secretaries, even though the older sisters are deliciously inept at the keys and Monica is more interested in sexual revolution than a career in business.

Enter Everard Barfoot, Mary’s cousin, an ex-doctor in his 30s about to embark on a life of leisure, and suddenly all the characters in this lavish sexy ensemble piece are erupting with discoveries, contradictions and epiphanies.

Age of Arousal is genre busting, rule-bending and ambitiously original.

March 8-17 2013
A co-production with Blarney Productions
in association with Theatre of the New Heart

Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Sponsored by Theatre of the New Heart

Written by Linda Griffiths
Directed by Wayne Paquette


Sandra M. Nicholls
April Banigan
Caley Suliak
Kristi Hansen
Melissa Thingelstad
Jesse Gervais


Producer – Vanessa Sabourin
Production Design – Jennifer  Goodman
Sound Design – Sydney Gross
Movement Consultant – Lin Snelling
Stage Management and Light Operator – Joan Wyatt
House Technician and Sound Operator – Aaron Wicks
Design Assistant and Carpentry – Chris Kavanagh
Program and Poster Design – David van Belle


2013 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
Outstanding Independent Production


© Marc J Chalifoux Photography, 2013© Marc J Chalifoux Photography, 2013