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Corpus-delicti-narrowed Monstrosities

How many times have you been told “don’t stare—it’s not polite”? How long can you look at something … someone, before you turn your head in strict adherence to that law? How long does that image stick in your mind and gnaw at your psyche with a desire to have just one more peek? Three women invite you to look, to witness. They are freaks, abominations, monsters in the flesh—or are they? Peel back their skin and see for yourself.

April 17-26 2014

Varscona Theatre (Edmonton)

April 30-May 10 2014
Joyce Doolittle Theatre (Calgary)

A co-production with Urban Curvz Theatre

Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts and the Edmonton Arts Council

Created with the support of the Department of Drama and the University of Alberta President’s Fund for the Creative and Performing Arts

Written by Amber Borotsik, Jill Connell, Kristi Hansen, and Vanessa Sabourin
Directed by Sandra M. Nicholls


Amber Borotsik
Kristi Hansen
Vanessa Sabourin


Set and Costume Design – Tessa Stamp
Sound Design – Aaron Macri
Projection and Lighting Design – T. Erin Gruber
Stage Management – Anna Davidson
House Technician and Lighting, Projection, and Sound Operator – Matt Currie (Varscona Theatre)
Lighting, Projection, and Sound Operator – Kathryn Smith
Design Assistant – The Theatre Garage
Program and Poster Design – David van Belle
Voice-over artists: David van Belle and Stella Zombor
Video equipment provided by: the ShowStages Video Collective


2013 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
Outstanding Multi-Media Design (T. Erin Gruber)
Outstanding Sound Design/Score (Aaron Macri)