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A Life in the Day

A Life in the Day is the bizarre and poetic story of a day in the life of a small town on the brink of change. A woman, engulfed in isolation and grief, sits in a vehicle on the shore of a lake. She contemplates taking her own life and those of her children. As she battles these demons, the narrative explodes into the possible effects this horrific action would have on the inhabitants of the nearby town, to which she is a stranger.

Through this intricate web of outcomes, A Life in the Day asks how and where our lives interconnect — even though we might not know it. Embracing the style of simple storytelling, the intimate particulars of the lives of the town’s inhabitants are revealed in shocking and eccentric detail. Three performers play a myriad of characters in a piece that explores loss, perspective, expectation, gender, dreams, and the nature of memories.

February 6-15, 2009
Catalyst Theatre
in association with Theatre of the New Heart
Part of the 2008/2009 Indie 5 Season

Funded by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts & the Alberta Playwriting Network

Sponsored by Azimuth Theatre, Theatre of the New Heart & Urban Curvz Theatre

Written by Beth Graham
Directed by Vanessa Sabourin


Amber Borotsik
Michele Brown
Mark Jenkins


Choreographer – Lin Snelling
Production Design – Daniela Masellis
Stage Manager & Dramaturgy – Kristi Hansen
Sound Design – Lori Gawryluik
Assistant Production Design – Amy Kucharuk
Sound Operator, Assistant Sound Design & Technical Director – Kevin Green
Set Construction – Daniela Masellis, Amy Kucharuk, Patrick Fraser
Poster & Program Design – David Van Belle


2009 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
Outstanding Independent Production


2009 Elizabeth Sterling Haynes Awards
Outstanding New Work – Beth Graham