The Maggie Tree’s beginning response to the dialogue surrounding sexual assault, unsafe power dynamics, and the abuse of power in our theatre communities

Posted on October 23, 2017 in News

The Maggie Tree extends its support to all those healing from the traumas of sexual harassment and assault. We reach out to those who have come forward publicly to share their stories, those who aren’t able to, and all those affected by these stories, spoken or unspoken. Please take care of one another in this time. The things we say to each other have deep and long lasting consequences. We recognize that the power dynamic needs to change in the theatre ecology. We must come together and do better by one another. Either we unite in support and understanding to demand and create this change together or we remain united in our isolation.


The Maggie Tree is making a commitment to assist, in every way that we can, in the processing, recovery, and shift that needs to happen in our community. For those suffering, the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, who has been alerted to the crisis in our community, is available on their crisis line 24 hours a day at (780) 423-4121.


We are currently in the process of arranging a safe gathering for women and female-identifying persons to discuss and support each other at this time. Further information will follow shortly.